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Appearing below is an extract from a letter I wrote to a NSW State Member of Parliament, Ms Sonia Hornery, on the 03rd of March 2010 about the allegations concerning Hamer.


Events before I flew to Pakistan

 . . . I now want to try to set out more details of events leading up to my departure for Pakistan in April 1985.

As I have already told you, in 1981 I started helping a Liberal Party politician by the name of Morris Williams with his enquiries into organised crime. Those enquiries covered various issues, including allegations that the head of a syndicate that had been set up to establish a casino in Victoria was corrupt.

The person in question, a solicitor called Garrick Gray was alleged to be tied up with the Gambino family in New York. At the time one of the top five Mafia families in the United States. It was one of several issues that Morrie and I looked at together.

I don’t want to dwell on that now, but rather cut to the issue that I believe has been at the heart of all the trouble over the years – the allegations that Hamer was being blackmailed while he was in office.

Morris made a statement to The Truth newspaper about Hamer being blackmailed. It was published on 8 March 1980.

On page one Truth reported:

“Some casino opponents are spreading rumours that the Mafia has blackmailed a high-ranking Liberal MP over a film showing him having sex with teenage girls in an Asian hotel.

“Veteran Liberal backbencher Morris Williams has told Truth he believes the film exists.”

The story spills on to page two and among other things Williams was reported as saying:

“MAFIA bosses had moved in on the ‘shell’ of a company and were hoping to use it to obtain a casino licence – with the help of blackmail over the alleged sex film.

“ORGANISED crime would control any casino established in Victor.

“AMERICAN CIA chiefs had become involved after discovering a multi-million dollar meat racket in which sub-standard Australian meat was shipped to hamburger chains in the United States under Mafia domination.

“An Asian intelligence group had passed the sex film to the American CIA in Australia who had then given it to ASIO”’

Now firstly, you need to know that even though I did not start dealing with Morrie until 1981 I had already met him. I had been introduced to him by mutual friends in 1979 and I can tell you this beyond a shadow of a doubt that Morrie knew as I did that the blackmailing of Hamer had nothing to do with Garrick Gray or the casino.

I say this because it was one of those mutual friends who was a source of information on Hamer being blackmailed. He was not the only source for me but he certainly carried a lot of weight,

I also know for certain that Morrie was told as I was, that the blackmailers had been CIA agents – it was them that commissioned the film not Garrick Gray or anybody connected with him.

I accept the allegations made by the informants and believe it was quite correct that he was filmed having sex with an Asian girl in the hotel room and it was indeed in Pusan, South Korea. I frankly couldn’t care less how many girls were involved, what mattered, leaving aside any moral questions of paedophilia, was that he was being blackmailed and according to the informants it was costing the State money.

In saying this I am not trying to make light of the moral aspects of the matter. As I told you in my letter dated the 15th of February his behaviour was appalling, but the reality is that he could not be prosecuted.

What was also alarming was that despite all the efforts made by people to break the grip of the blackmailers the situation continued.

It was also nonsense to talk in terms of the film being passed by “An Asian intelligence group  . . .  to the American CIA in Australia who had then given it to ASIO”.

As I understand it the film was never in the hands of an Asian intelligence group. The people who made the film according to my informants were Korean criminals who had been commissioned by corrupt CIA agents.

The film was then passed back to them but it was never in the hands of anybody in ASIO in the sense that the matter was under their control and Hamer was safe.

According to my informants an attempt by honest ASIO agents to investigate the allegations failed and inquiries into the matter were suppressed.

When Morrie and I started dealing with one another in 1981 I asked him about the story that appeared in Truth because I was annoyed on the one hand and puzzled on the other. I knew my informant had told Morrie the truth and I couldn’t understand how such a jumbled version of events could have been published.

Morrie defended himself by saying that you had to be careful what you said, which was quite true, nobody felt like putting their head in a noose, but he also added that at the time the story was published he wasn’t sure of the truth. He knew Hamer was being blackmailed but he wasn’t certain who was responsible.

He claimed that the informant hadn’t been as forthcoming as he had been with me until after the story was published. It was a defence that probably had a lot of truth in it but I still found the situation irksome.



The story published in Truth was certainly far from satisfactory and presented in some ways an almost incoherent version of events.

Firstly, the lead on page one was without doubt the newspaper’s interpretation of events. To quote it again:

“Some casino opponents are spreading rumours that the Mafia has blackmailed a high-ranking Liberal MP over a film showing him having sex with teenage girls in an Asian hotel.

“Veteran Liberal backbencher Morris Williams has told Truth he believes the film exists.”

That was Truth’s take on Williams’ allegations but as I have said above there is no doubt that Williams had been told the truth – possibly less than what I had been told, that might have been true – but he had not been misled by the informant.

But what Truth did was to slant the story to give the impression that the allegations about the film were false and nothing more than a malicious attempt to torpedo the campaign to set up a casino.

What I suspect happened was that Williams became flustered during the interview, which he was inclined to do under pressure, and failed to drive home the message about Hamer being blackmailed.

Then, when I have confronted him demanding an explanation he has become defensive and exacerbated the situation by trying to cover up.

He was inclined to become flustered under pressure and that was one of the reasons I was asked to help him. Some people lacked confidence in him and even though it was accepted that he was an honest man with good intentions his investigative skills were always in question.

Some people trusted my judgement in such matters and because I was known to come from a right-wing family it was hoped I would handle any enquiries discretely.

I agreed to be discrete, but also warned that if I was satisfied the allegations were true and I was in the position to prove those allegations in court I would go ahead and publish. I wasn’t prepared to cover up for Hamer.

In a sense I felt sorry for him. We all make mistakes and commit sins. One would hope that if we do somebody with sound moral judgement would take us by the hand and wisely guide us to the straight path of repentance and forgiveness.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case in this instance and Hamer fell into the hands of the devil – evil men who saw an opportunity to strengthen their hand and profit by their iniquity.